Special Edition on Reproductive Disorders and Therapeutic Research Advancements

Parveen Parasar*

Special Edition on Reproductive Disorders and Therapeutic Research Advancements

A fetus must be protected throughout pregnancy from hostile maternal immune
system as well as potential uterine and extrauterine aberrant factors.

On the other hand, for a consummated pregnancy, reproductive health
of the mother must not be compromised.

Women carry fetus inhabiting her uterus and deliver baby creature
to the world, thus are privileged to inherit the earth.

however they undergo critical times throughout the pregnancy
for successful establishment of pregnancy and subsequent parturition.
Pregnancy is halted due to various genetic and non-genetic causes.

As a surgeon, and scientific research investigators, our long term goal
is to understand the underlying cause of pregnancy failure and improve
successful pregnancy rates by intervention of newer strategies and therapies.

We strive to introduce new methodologies or techniques through
our meticulous and cutting edge research conducted on several
pregnancy-related disorders.

We as a whole team of research investigators and young scientists need to advance
science with the new findings and outcomes.

Therefore, a research generates a platform to develop and test strategies with
an objective to prevent and cure the disease or etiology.

Becoming inquisitive to a basic phenomenon is an instinct of human being which
compels him to investigate into a matter.

The objective of this special edition is to seek reports of such investigations in
the area of gynecology and obstetrics with focus in both clinical and basic science.

For instance, stem cells possess tremendous differentiation ability and pluripotency
and are major cellular platform to increase potential to discover newer and successful targeted therapies.

Gynecol Obstet Res Open J. 2015; SE(1): Se1-Se2. doi: 10.17140/GOROJ-SE-1-e001