Role of Sound Enhancer Device in Teleconsultation

*Corresponding author: Shijina Koliyath, Ravi Kumar Chittoria*, Vinayak Chavan, Abhinav Aggarwal, Saurabh Gupta, Chirra Likhitha Reddy, Padmalakshmi Bharathi Mohan and Imran Pathan

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original research



To study the role of sound enhancer device in teleconsultation.


This study was conducted in the plastic surgery department in a tertiary care centre in the month of May-June 2019. A sound enhancer device was used with mobile phone for videoconferencing as form of teleconsultation by plastic surgery trainees in operation theatre and outpatient department. At the end of the study feedbacks were taken from the trainees.


It was found that on using the sound enhancer device, the sound quality improved and it was helpful in the teleconsultation sessions using videoconferencing.


The use of sound enhancer is a simple, cost-effective, innovative method of using a simple technology to aid in utilisation of teleconsultation facilities in a very non-sophisticated way.


Sound enhancer device; Teleconsultation; Telemedicine.