Role of Digital Assessment in Wound Management

*Corresponding author: Jacob A. Chakiath, Ravi K. Chittoria*, Nishad Kerakada, Neljo Thomas, Barathkumar S. Parthiban, Adithyakevin James, Perumal Chakkravarthy and Varun Rajanna

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original research


The aim of this study was to assess the role of digital planimetry in accurate measurement of wound size and guide in wound bed preparation in our patient. The calculation of wound surface area was done by using ImageJ software.
In our study, digital planimetry was used to measure the wound size using ImageJ software.
In our study, digital planimetry helped inaccurate measurement of wound and helped to plan measures to decrease the wound size.
Digital assessment and ImageJ is a simple, easy, cost-effective technique of accurate wound measurement for wound management.
Digital planimetry; ImageJ; Wound.