Relationship between Academic Stress and Emotional Intelligence in High School Students

*Corresponding author: Naman Jassal*

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Academic stress is a mental distress originated from the anticipated frustration associated with academic failure. Whereas, emotional intelligence (EI) is a characteristic of an individual that determines the degree, and intensity with which they are able to understand and accept one’s own emotions as well as that of others.
Aim and Objective
The broad aim of the present study was to investigate an empirical-based examination of the relationship among academic stress and EI in high school students. The objectives of the study were to ascertain if there exist any gender, family structure and single child differences between academic stress and EI.
This study is based on a quantitative analysis of the data. To collect validated data, purposive sampling was taken from varied streams and family structure of the age group 16 to 18-years; with no gender disparity. Student Academic Stress Scale (SASS) and emotional intelligence test (EIT) were used in this research. The data obtained was further validated through statistical techniques of correlation and analysis of variance (ANOVA) methods.
The results showed an inverse correlation between EI and academic stress in high school students. The study also revealed single child and family structure factors are associated with the level of EI and showed an impact on academic stress of high school students.
Academic stress; Emotional intelligence; High school students; Family structure.