Recurrent Prepartum Cervico-Vaginal Prolapse in a Crossbred Holstein Friesian Dairy Cow

*Corresponding author: Haben Fesseha* and Asfaw Ayele

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A Holstein Friesian (HF) crossbred dairy cow of 5-years-old and 38.5-weeks pregnant was presented to the Veterinary Hospital of College of Veterinary Science, Mekelle University with a history of repeated prolapse since last 10-days. Upon clinical examination, the case was confirmed as prepartum cervico-vaginal prolapse due to excess labor and straining to deliver the fetus. After caesarean section, the cow was restrained on sternal recumbency and the prolapsed mass was made aseptic by washing with a 2% potassium permanganate solution and was repositioned into the pelvic cavity. The cow was kept on fluid therapy (stat), antiinflammatory and antibiotic for three successive days. A modified Buhner’s technique, using infusion set tube as suture was to keep the prolapsed tissue in position to prevent the recurrence and the cow had an uneventful recovery. A successful management of recurrent prepartum cervico-vaginal prolapse using modified Buhner’s suture after caesarean section in a crossbred Holstein Friesian dairy cow is discussed.


Modified Buhner’s suture; Cervico-vaginal prolapse; Crossbred Holstein Friesian cow; Recurrence.