Rechargeable Battery Solutions for Digital Hearing Aids: A Mini Review

*Corresponding author: Neha Taneja*


Everyday all of us use rechargeable solutions either its smartphones, televisions, or any other electronic devices. Faster streaming of these electronic devices to other external devices may be facilitated through wireless connectivity. Wireless streaming demands much more battery backup. With advancement of hearing aid technology many features exists in hearing aids which may facilitate better spectral information, improved speech understanding in presence of background noise and thus improving communication and quality of life of the users. The use of these advanced features often requires continuous uninterrupted power supply. Traditional disposable hearing aid batteries cannot be assured of their performance due to their inopportune time discharge. Recently rechargeable solutions in hearing aids have been discovered that can support long-lasting wireless streaming. Modern day rechargeable batteries are expected to be easy to charge which can last for longer duration with more reliability and durability. Rechargeable as a feature is added on over and boon. Rechargeable battery solutions based on its various benefits may support as boon for environment, hearing aid users and professionals (better counseling and more satisfied users). The aim of this article is to highlight the awareness of these different rechargeable solutions for the users and professionals. In addition mentioning in brief the superiority of Lithium ion battery which is widely accepted in rechargeable hearing aids.

Rechargeable hearing aids; Wireless streaming; Batteries for hearing aids; Li-ion batteries.