Prostate Cancer Trends in Developing Countries

Aleyamma Mathew and Francis V. James*

Prostate Cancer Trends in Developing Countries. Prostate cancer is the commonest cancer in USA and most European Countries and is the 2nd commonest cancer among males globally. Incidence of this disease varies more than 25-fold worldwide; the rates are highest in Australia/New Zealand and Northern America, and in Western and Northern Europe, because the practice of prostate specific antigen testing and subsequent biopsy has become widespread in those regions. Low incidence rates have been reported in most of the developing countries including India. However, incidence of this disease has shown increasing trends in some developing countries.

A few developing countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Ricain South America, the rates are almost similar to the rates in USA. Among men residing in USA, Indians and Pakistanis have found to have increasing trend. This change is worth studying as it is a quick transition. The well known risk factor for getting prostate cancer is age. There has been a steady increase in longevity of people living in this part of the country and this could partly explain the phenomenon. Also opportunistic screening by people belonging to higher economic strata leads to higher diagnosis. What would be more interesting is to learn about life-style changes particularly dietary changes occurring in developing countries as traditional.

Cancer Stud Mol Med Open J. 2016; 3(1): e1-e2. doi: 10.17140/CSMMOJ3-e003