Preparation of Thymo-Rutin Green Tea and its Active Ingredients Evaluation

Faizullah Khan*, Tariq Umar Khan, Muhammad Ayub, Tajudin and Abdul Karim

Preparation of Thymo-Rutin Green Tea and its Active Ingredients Evaluation.

In recent times, especially in all industrially developed countries, consumers are becoming more interested in foods which offer an added value in terms of health benefits. The term was first used in Japan in the 1980s, where there is a government approval process for functional foods, called Foods for Specified Health Use. The importance of rutin content due to its strong biological activity attracts researchers for its evaluation in different parts of buckwheat i.e., leaves flowers and flour, etc. The highest content of rutin was found in the developed green tea. The developed product is a mixed product of wild thyme leaves and buckwheat leaves and flowers.

The develop product is a good source of rutin, thymol and caffeine which are beneficial to health and wellbeing of all individuals. The rutin and thymol makes the green tea an essential nutritional supplement especially for athletes, soldiers, mountain climbers and common peoples of above 8000 feet altitude. Rutin strengthen capillary walls, increase elasticity of veins, and thymol blood vessel treatment and increase dissolubility of more oxygen (O2). The product green tea can be used
by all age group.

Buckwheat extruded products developed for special nutritional needs due to it specific protein character. As buckwheat does not contain gluten, it is a common supplement for patients with celiac disease. Buckwheat intolerance is rare among patients with gluten intolerance alone,
but more common in those with celiac disease combined with other food allergies. 

Adv Food Technol Nutr Sci Open J. 2017; 3(1): 15-21. doi: 10.17140/AFTNSOJ-3-140