Pinna Swelling an Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia: A Rare Case Report

*Corresponding author: Sambhaji G. Chintale*, Vilas R. Kirdak, Swati S. Chintale, Kaleem A. Shaikh and Sonali P. Jatale


Pinna swelling that is angiolymphoid hyperplasia is a benign lesion that needs to be discussed. Most of the time it affects the face in that preauricular area involved, where it appears as a tiny erythematous lesion. Here we reported a case of a 24-years female patient who presented to us at the hospital with left ear pinna swelling for 7-years.
Pinna; Swelling; Angiolymphoid; Hyperplasia; Eosinophilia.