Focus on the value proposition for advertisers:

Reach engaged researchers and thought leaders. Openventio Publishers offers a unique platform for online advertising, connecting you with a highly targeted audience actively seeking valuable research content. Showcase your brand alongside high-impact research and establish meaningful connections with the scientific community.

Benefits of Advertising with us

Targeting and Reach:

  • Laser-focus your marketing:¬†With 40+ dedicated medical journal pages,¬†reach highly specific audiences of engaged researchers and professionals in your niche.
  • Beyond the website:¬†Our promotional campaigns expand your reach,¬†integrating your brand across our website,¬†social media channels,¬†and beyond,¬†maximizing impact on your target audience.

Specialized Solutions:

  • Find the perfect fit:¬†Target specialized talent with job postings placed alongside relevant Openventio journal content,¬†connecting you with highly qualified candidates from a global pool.

Global Impact and Credibility:

  • Go global:¬†Tap into Openventio’s diverse audience of international researchers and experts,¬†sparking international interest in your products and organization.
  • Boost your authority:¬†Associate your brand with the respected research on Openventio,¬†enhancing your credibility and reputation among a trusted audience.

Overall Value Proposition:

  • Maximize your visibility:¬†Achieve unparalleled online presence with comprehensive advertising solutions across Openventio’s established platform.
  • Establish brand leadership:¬†Build lasting connections and recognition within your target market by aligning your brand with high-quality research.

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Reach Your Ideal Audience in the World of Research:

Openventio Publishers offers targeted advertising opportunities on our platform, connecting you with a highly engaged audience of researchers, academics, and industry professionals.

Diverse Placement Options:

  • Main Banner:¬†Capture attention with your brand on top of our journal homepages (728 px width,¬†90 px length).
  • Flag Banner:¬†Stand out in the right sidebar of journal homepages (160 px width,¬†600 px length).

Simple and Streamlined:

  • Contact our dedicated advertising manager¬†for assistance and campaign set-up.
  • Provide your high-resolution teaser (.jpeg or .jpg) based on your chosen placement. We can also offer design guidance for an additional USD 150.
  • Ensure your teaser is original and copyright-free.¬†Audio in Flash ads is not permitted.

Seamless Campaign Management:

  • Submit all final materials at least 5 business days before your desired launch date.
  • Our terms and conditions apply to all advertisers and their agencies.

Connect with the Minds that Matter:

Advertise with Openventio Publishers and gain meaningful exposure within a thriving research community. Reach the right audience, build brand awareness, and drive results.


Flexible Payment Options for Your Convenience:

At Openventio Publishers, we understand the importance of flexible payment options. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club credit cards through secure payment gateways. Depending on your location and chosen card, you may also have the option to use PayPal.

For those who prefer alternative methods, bank transfers are accepted. Please note a $50 USD processing fee applies to bank transfers and check payments. To ensure smooth processing, email us the bank wire transfer receipt after completing your transfer.

Committed to Your Privacy:

We take data security and confidentiality seriously. Each party involved with Openventio takes necessary steps to prevent unauthorized use, dissemination, or disclosure of confidential information.

Need Help? We’re Here for You:

For any further questions or issues regarding payment or other details, please don’t hesitate to contact us through this link. Our dedicated team is happy to assist you.