Non-Invasive Treatment for Adhesive Capsulitis Not Helped by Physical Therapy: A Case Study in Manipulative Medicine

*Corresponding author: Jason Strandberg*


This case documents the treatment of a middle-aged woman with chronic, unresponsive adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) using manipulation, active release therapy, and electronic acupuncture. She had not responded to typical physical therapy but did respond to active release therapy along with adjunctive manipulation and acupuncture. In our course of treatment we wanted to see if we could significantly improve pain-free range of motion and normal; function without using invasive treatments like surgery and manipulation under anesthesia. Over a course of five weeks, using a soft tissue manipulation technique known as active release technique along with electrified acupuncture and home exercises, we were able to increase her range of motion to near normal and her function to normal. She was not forced to miss any work because of the treatment and can now do all the things she needs to do for work.


Frozen shoulder; Adhesive capsulitis; Manipulation; Active release therapy; Non-invasive treatment.