Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Indian Railway Loco Pilots: Are We Aware?

Arpit Saxena*

Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Indian Railway Loco Pilots: Are We Aware.

Noise is acoustically formed up of several sound waves with anarchically
distributed amplitude and phase ratios leading to an unpleasant sensation.

.Constant exposure to loud noise results in outer hair cell damage,
chiefly the basal turn of cochlea.
Worldwide, 16% of the disabling hearing loss in adults is attributable to occupational
noise ranging from, Noise Induced Hearing Loss is defined as partial
or complete hearing in one or both ears as the result of employment.

Various studies have been performed for occupational noise over textile,
printing, mining etc. Indian railways are considered to be the transport
lifeline of India.

Loco pilots are the individuals who run these engines.
These engines are notorious for their loud noise. Loco pilots are continuously
exposed to such loud noise daily for many years.

There lacks studies in India which unleashes the occupational noise hazards
among railway loco pilots.

The aim of current study is to assess the NIHL in railway loco pilots
by Pure Tone Audiometry.

Although, we were not having any baseline audiogram but loco pilots undergo
strict medical examination while joining railway services.
Moreover, they undergo periodic medical examination at regular interval
as per railway policy.

So, we considered them to be having normal hearing thresholds
while joining railway services.

For the control population, we selected 50 random patients from otolaryngology
OPD of a tertiary care hospital. These subjects presented with other than ear problems.

Otolaryngol Open J. 2018; 4(2): 18-21. doi: 10.17140/OTLOJ-4-148