At Peace Now – 1947–2020


Douglas A. Feldman – A man who served his 40 years in Anthropology is no more.

Prof. Feldman was officially appointed as the Editor of Anthropology- Open Journal in the year 2017 and has contributed his services by publishing and conducting thorough reviews for the manuscripts which helped the journal to prosper.

The editorial board quickly accepted his work, titled “The Urgency of Expanding Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for Global HIV Reduction” in 2018 which he published.

His critiques were accurate, and he was quiet yet candid when discussing his thoughts with the editors.

We give his loved ones our sincere condolences as we know how difficult it is to lose someone so close.

Our editorial staff, which used to be in continuous contact for review reports, would be hampered by his departure.

It’s a terrible loss.