2-Day MSK Webinar with Donald Resnick – First time specially for polish radiology residents – Organizers Dennis Bielecki, MD & Artur Kusak, MD

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Saturday 1, October 2022 (1600 hrs)

Introduction: Dennis Bielecki, MD

All lectures by Don Resnick, MD

Arthritic Disorders of Synovial Joints: Morphology and Target Areas

Degenerative and Inflammatory Disorders of the Vertebral Column

Break: 15-20 minutes

Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System: Dogma and Dilemma

Bone and Cartilage Injury: Nomenclature and Imaging Features

Question & Answer Session

Sunday 2, October 2022 (1600 hrs)

Introduction: Artur Kusak, MD

Human Tendons with Emphasis on the Rotator Cuff: Anatomy, Terminology, and Patterns of Failure

Meniscus of the Knee: Function and Dysfunction

Break: 15-20 minutes

Pattern of Injury to the knee: Critical MRI Footprints of Skeletons, Scholars, and Sleuths: A Look Around, and a Quick Look Ahead

Question & Answer Session