New Ideas on Limitations to VO2max: Five Major Determinants for VO2max

Masahiro Kohzuki*

New Ideas on Limitations to VO2max: Five Major Determinants for VO2max.

Moreover, the drug erythropoietin can boost VO2max by a significant amount in both humans and other mammals. COPD often coexists with other diseases that may have a significant impact on prognosis. Thirty-three percent of elderly patients with heart failure had COPD and 25% of elderly patients with COPD also had heart failure.

This risk of comorbid disease can be increased by the sequelae of COPD; e.g., reduced physical activity. As super-aged society has come, the number of persons with multimorbidity and multiple disabilities and their needs of rehabilitation have increased rapidly more than we have expected.

VO2max offers the investigator the unique opportunity to study simultaneously the cellular, cardiovascular, ventilatory and
metabolic systems’ responses under conditions of precisely controlled stress.

This is of significant practical importance because VO2max measured by cardiopulmonary exercise testing, provides
what is probably the most sensitive assessment of the effect of new therapy on function of any diseased organ system whose major function is to couple pulmonary gas exchange to cellular respiration.

For example, it is important to determine whether new medical, surgical, and rehabilitative procedures can effectively intervene to improve the gas transport capability of a diseased organ system.

Pulm Res Respir Med Open J. 2018; 5(1): e1-e2. doi: 10.17140/PRRMOJ-5-e010