Natural Honey as a Safe and Efficacious Alternative to Skin Grafting Post-Surgical Excision for Necrotizing Fasciitis at Primary Care Level: A Preliminary Study

*Corresponding author: Badryia Al Lenjawi, Rasheed Prieiyl, Diovanni Mendoza, Lowlwa Al Meslamani and Hashim Mohamed*


Necrotizing fasciitis is a soft tissue bacterial infection that spreads rapidly resulting in the destruction of muscles, skin, and underlying tissue. Necrotizing fasciitis is defined as a fast and progressive inflammatory infection of the fascia leading to secondary necrosis of the subcutaneous tissue moving along the facial plane. Fournier gangrene is a type of necrotizing fasciitis involving the scrotum and perineal area. Patients suffering from acute necrotizing fasciitis require an effective regimen which includes surgical removal of devitalized tissues, systemic antimicrobials and mitigating underlying systemic disease processes. The burden of treating wounds following surgical debridement, on the other hand, can be challenging especially in the third world where resources are scarce resulting in suboptimal wound coverage and function. At primary care level we had the opportunity of using natural honey in 5 patients with non-healing wounds in either the lower limb or scrotum due to acute necrotizing fasciitis. This natural noninvasive approach offers a cost-effective and efficacious alternative to dermatotraction, skin grafting and negative pressure wound therapy. In these patients, the use of natural honey led to the restoration of the appearance and function of the fasciotomy wound especially in patients with co-morbidities or those refusing skin grafting due to cost, religious factors, etc. The authors present the clinical results followed by a discussion on the therapeutic properties of natural honey. This case series demonstrates the efficacy of topical raw honey as a catalyst for speeding the healing process by secondary intention thereby offering a safe and efficacious
alternative for managing various wounds resulting from acute necrotizing fasciitis.
Natural honey; Necrotizing fasciitis; Primary care; Wounds.