My 84-Year-Old Mother Lost Her Wedding Ring?

Michael S. Kennedy*

My 84-Year-Old Mother Lost Her Wedding Ring?

An official website that provides general information for the public about the coronavirus disease 2019 disease for Tom Green Country in Texas is the City of San Angelo, Texas website.
“For general visitors who are not a designated essential caregiver, these updated emergency rules will allow approved facilities to schedule outdoor no contact visits, open window visits, or indoor visitation with the use of plexiglass safety barriers to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While he could stand outside and see his wife through the window, and speak with her via a walkie-talkie, or a cell phone, my Father had Emphysema, and was himself tired, not able to stand
for long looking through a window. He also has severe hearing loss, so trying to her with a walkie-talkie, or even a cell phone was very frustrating. He also has macular degeneration in his eyes. Have you ever tried to look through a mess of wire covering a window with macular degeneration? The wire mesh distorts the vision.

What does love feel like then? What do the promises of commitment and honor and cherish, and protecting one’s spouse feel like then? Does love overcome the barrier, or does the barrier of a rule
for everyone’s safety prevent an emotional connection from actualizing? While a safety rule may not overcome an emotional connection between two people, a safety rule does limit the physical
connection—the touch, the audible voice of one’s spouse heard in the ear, one’s family member’s physical presence does not happen.

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