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Mesotherapy Cocktails Can be the Secrecy for Youthful Keeping

Ebtisam Elghblawi*

Ebtisam Elghblawi, MBBCh, MScRes, ADD, DRH, PGC (Skin Cancer)

Independent Researcher, Private Practice, Dermatology OPD, P. O. BOX 3232, Tripoli, Libya; E-mail:

Is Mesotherapy the secret to everlasting youth? Can we combat aging process?

Every person scares the idea of getting older and those wrinkles which will crawl slowly over our facial skin and stamp us with ugly sign of getting older and impose the selfconscious about those changes. Many just scare the idea and start looking for any solution to fix it by whatsoever ways.

Aging is the inevitable unavoidable process that we need to combat by modernized technology. Collagen starts to fall off yielding a sagging and drooping skin, elastin declines. Despite everyone’s skin will age differently. Cosmetic industry started since long time to find different ways; however the idea of non-surgical approaches surfaced on heavily in all possible forms. No one wish to go under the knife anymore. All want the non-surgical with no down times.

Aging can be defined by lost its ability to renewal quickly and efficiently with decline in the production of collagen, and the elastin, with the deleterious effects of the UV rays and surrounding environmental pollution impact.

We know the number one fighter for our skin is excessive sun exposure and thus a generous sun protection is needed in order to avoid those sun aging effects on our skin and especially in fair skins.

We all long to our images when we were in our 20’s and 30’s and we wish we can keep it at all level. Mirrors reflect our ageing face and those developed lines with our facial expression and can remind us of the all diverse wakes of life that affected and inscribed us.

From the old era, we can see the different modalities that had applied to combat aging and appreciate its effect whether extreme or subtle. That is why we need to look after our skin and provide the nutrients our skin needs.

Across the years science had developed dramatically and looked on to how to keep youth and possibly maintain it. With developing of the anti-wrinkle Botox, we can relax those excessive and expressive muscles of our face to certain period of time to cope with the bad and stressful habit and mitigate it. Also, facial deflation and fat loss are compensated by filler and fat injection to give the needed suspension and forms and fill in the gaps.

Also, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections came in to help in skin heath by stimulation of the lost collagen by our own activators in order to build on and give the radiance to our dull aged skin, and can be used as a soothing mask to give tightening of the facial skin contributing to give luminosity and good appearance. It’s also extended to combat hair loss to give the needed nutrients to the conditions of hair loss and had yielded good results with restoring its thickness and improved texture and restores its lustre. Those conditions like Alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, female pattern hair loss, Telogen effluvium (shedding of hair) and hair thinning.

Moreover, there are free radicals which yield from certain food metabolism and could affect our skin badly and accelerate aging process by accumulation that impose damage to the skin surface at greatest depth. Thus, here the role of antioxidant can be prevailed.

Moreover, a tiny bit of multi-injections of Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, DMAE, Pro-collagen peptide, Silicium, minerals, coenzymes and amino acids and multi-vitamins including vitamin C at the dermal level by different techniques which would help in skin achieving some health with skin elasticity, improve collagen synthesis for a more lifted appearance, radiance and increased circulation, balance the skin homeostasis, micro-exfoliation, increases the thickness of the skin, hydration and skin softness with nutrition’s and its called mesotherapy (micro-needling). This can be applied to face, neck, chest, décolletage, hands, striae, localized stubborn fat, scalp and hair thinning etc.

Also, the technology of meso-botox which is more or less the same idea of mesotherapy where Botox will be reconstituted differently and injected on the mesoderm to exert its effects on the sebaceous and sweat gland to decline the wide facial pores and sweating.

With all those techniques there is a guarantee of a noticeable subtle improvement with the facial skin where it will look brighter and feeling smooth, tight and radiant. Cosmetic procedures have proved an impact on the quality of our life and over years to come. It all really boosts the self-esteem and the missing confidence.


The author declares no competing interests.


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