Malpositioned Right Ureteral Stent into the Duodenum: A Rare Case Report

*Corresponding author: Mohsin Quadri*, Nitesh Jain and Venkat Subramaniam


Double J (DJ) stenting is a routine procedure in our urological practice to treat ureteral obstruction. We report a rare case where the proximal coil of a DJ stent was found in the second part of duodenum diagnosed on imaging and confirmed by upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, in a patient with chronic right flank pain who underwent emergency right DJ stenting elsewhere. He presented to our institution 3-months later for further management. It is important to be aware of all possible complications before placing DJ stents and be aware that if any such complication arise, they need to be dealt with early. It is important to avoid blind DJ stent insertion especially in acute or inflammatory conditions. One can avoid such situations by stenting under image guidance and preferably with a retrograde pyelogram (RGP) or by deploying a guidewire under direct vision using a ureteroscope. If stent malposition is suspected then early detection and replacement of the malpositioned DJ stent under fluoroscopic guidance is an essential step in management.
Double J stenting; DJ stent malposition; Upper GI endoscopy; DJ stent coil in duodenum; Right contracted kidney; Inflammatory
retroperitoneal mass; Laparoscopic nephrectomy.