Little Black Book on Love and Relationships

C. Suzanne Clark*

Little Black Book on Love and Relationships.

Relationships are hard. At times, we don’t know what to do when our relationship fails; sometimes we don’t even know why they fail. The only blueprint we have is the one we grew up
with; watching our parents; grandparents, older siblings, or even friends manage their relationships and try to follow their lead. We imitate their mannerisms, behaviors, and attitudes trying to avoid the parts that feel bad and focusing on the parts that feel right. Even then, when things go wrong in our relationship, we question whether we will ever understand it well enough to get it right.

Relationships are confusing and rewarding at the same time. And you must develop resilience to be successful in your own. It seemed so much easier to engage in relationship connections when we were kids. When we argued, no one cared who was right or who was wrong. At the end of the day, all that mattered was the friendship. What happened? What changed? Life! Happened; you changed. It’s easy to be friends with someone you don’t live with every day. A smile from a friend who doesn’t know your secrets is refreshing. Let’s face it. When Life! Happens, we get upset when other people know what we are going through. On the contrary, friends don’t know anything until you tell them.

An interesting irony, however, is that relationships are supposed to be a lot like friendship; with the added value of commitment that is much more up-close- and- personal than a social
buddy. The major difference between friendship and being in a relationship is the latter requires commitment, where a lot of time is spent together under very personal circumstances.

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