Leg Ulcer in Patient with Sickle Cell Disease on Hydroxyurea

*Corresponding author: Jaya Manjunath and Fnu Nutan*


Leg ulcers are a painful side-effect commonly seen in patients with long-term use of hydroxyurea. We describe an ulcer in a patient with sickle cell disease (SCD) with an 8-year history of hydroxyurea use. Wound care team used cadexomer-iodine topical
and collagenase to aid in healing. There are limited options for the treatment of these ulcers beside the cessation of hydroxyurea, a very effective drug in reducing painful sickle cell episodes. It is imperative to be aware of this complication to prevent expensive tests and further work up. Future study into alternative treatment of hydroxyurea-induced leg ulcers for sickle cell patients is necessary.
Leg Ulcer; Sickle cell disease (SCD); Hydroxyurea.