IR Playbook – A Comprehensive Introduction to Interventional Radiology: A Book Review

Samuel Armstrong*

IR Playbook – A Comprehensive Introduction to Interventional Radiology: A Book Review.

This textbook is intended to provide a sufficient level of resolution
to acquaint both medical students and resident physicians with the field
of interventional radiology. It is divided
into two main parts.

The first part explores IR basics—including
a very practical chapter complete with photographs and diagrams
introducing common needles, catheters, wires, embolic agents,
balloons, and stents employed by interventional radiologists. The
second part deals with broad categories of diseases with the
individual chapters focusing on specific disease entities and methods
of treatment.

There is a Goldilocks amount of material for medical
students and residents in this book. The information for
understanding the fundamentals of and the routine services provided by
IR is distilled into readable prose, high-quality radiologic images,
and easy-to-understand diagrams making concepts accessible to
novice trainees.

Throughout the book there are convenient “How
To” text boxes that contain concise descriptions of procedures in
a stepwise fashion.

Additionally, there are “Key Point” text boxes
with high-yield facts for quick review.

Moreover, one can be confident in the quality
of knowledge gleaned from this book as many
of the chapter authors are established leaders in the field of IR,
for example, Dr. Alan H. Matsumoto coauthored the chapter on
renal artery stenosis, Dr. Maxim Itkin coauthored the chapter on
lymphatic interventions, and Dr. Michael D. Dake coauthored the
chapter on aortic aneurysms—just to name a few. One thing missing are
recommendations for further reading at the end of each

Radiol Open J. 2019; 3(1): 27. doi: 10.17140/ROJ-3-122