Implantology have Forever Changed Dentistry

Daniel Kazachkov*

Implantology have Forever Changed Dentistry.

Implantology have forever changed dentistry as we know it and its rapid leaps and
bounds are trying to keep up with many of the patient’s wants and needs as well as with all
the clinician’s skill sets.

It used to be implants had to be long, engaging the zygomatic bone in places where bone was low on the maxilla, and dentistry evolved to move and lift the sinus. We used to have to move nerves on the mandible, but now we have mini implants for patients who would not be great candidates for such major surgical procedures.

We used to have no options when a tooth would fracture and had to bring the depressing diagnoses to our patients with a sad look and offer last ditch efforts in things like root hemisections to help retrieve some semblance
of occlusal function for people that desperately wanted to avoid dentures.

Dentures are still the
basis on which I scare my younger patients to brush and floss and to avoid the lifestyle of their
grandparents, but implants have even become a life saver for those patients in dentures as well
who used to suffer through their meal, eating more fixodent then food. Speaking about the good
old days of enjoying a simple meal.

Implants have brought a lot of confidence to dentists in many other dental procedures,
like root canals, knowing that if a tooth breaks or a root canal fails, all we have to do is open up
a small sterile container and take out a titanium masterpiece of a tooth that comes in many sizes,
which we can use to build a whole new foundation for the patients future bite.

Dent Open J. 2015; 2(4): e5-e7. doi: 10.17140/DOJ-2-e003