Giant Iatrogenic Lumbar Pseudomeningocele: A Case Report and Literature Review

*Corresponding author: Abolfazl Rahimizadeh*, Housain Soufiani, Shahrzad Rahimizadeh, Naser Asgari and Mahan Amirzadeh


Post-discectomy iatrogenic lumbar pseudomeningoceles are an uncommon complication. This pathology is an extradural, encapsulated, cerebrospinal fluid collection which develops at the site of previous surgery as the consequence of an unnoticed or unrepairable dural tear. A pseudomeningocele is defined as giant if it grows beyond 8 cm in length. Giant iatrogenic pseudomeningoceles with detailed information are quite rare in the literature with only 21 reported cases including the current case. Herein, we present a middle age woman with a giant pseudomeningocele which had developed subsequent to L4-L5 discectomy.
Iatrogenic lumbar pseudomeningocele; Pathology; Discectomy.