Exploring the Notion of Performance in Branch Sales Managers: A Narrative Approach

Radhika Bhalla*

Exploring the Notion of Performance in Branch Sales Managers: A Narrative Approach.

A narrative is a story that tells a sequence of events that is significant for the narrator or audience or her or his audience. In this research the narrative approach highlighted the way that
participants integrated their expectations from life and career with their jobs, the energy they spent in making themselves successful at their jobs and the work behaviours they chose to demonstrate.

With respect to sales, the competition and desire to win or to be better than others or the need for interpersonal competition are the pleasure obtained by competing with other salespeople.
The desire to exceed them in performance which affects the effort of the salespeople is a feature of the individual which pushes him/ her in the path of victory.

Researchers have highlighted that an individual’s performance changes as a result of learning and
that high performance is always the result of greater understanding towards the specific job instead of greater effort to the job.

Bears usually entered the organization with low levels of self-efficacy. They expressed that they would need to gain an understanding of their skills and also see successes before they feel
confident of delivering on the job. Manager investment plays a key role in this process. The initial success of Bears came from covering high probability sales opportunities that their managers provided them. Bears seemed to adapt their own manager’s style. They tended to invest time in people management, driving equality in performance and opportunity

Psychol Cogn Sci Open J. 2019; 5(2): 53-61. doi: 10.17140/PCSOJ-5-150