Social Behavior Research and Practice

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ISSN 2474-8927

Enlightment in Darkness: United Nations and Behavioral Sciences Global Contribution

Jose R. Rodrigues-Gomez*

Jose R. Rodrigues-Gomez, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of General Social Sciences, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, USA; E-mail:

In an increasingly globalized planet, the first volume of Behavioral Science in the Global Arena aims to provide, not only to psychology students, but all kind of professionals, with the means to learn about how behavioral sciences are applied to global issues through the United Nations (UN’s). The way it instructs is through analysis of the UN’s 17 “Sustainable Development Goals,” and how behavioral science is utilized to understand serious global problems such as child welfare, mental and physical health, terrorism, environmental considerations, aging and crime. The content is neatly accommodated in the following sections: “Serving Current Populations”, “Upholding Social Justice”, “Promoting Harmony”, “Improving Human Health” and “Supporting Environmental Health” which presents the previously mentioned topics.

A commendable aspect of the volume is its accessibility in terms of major topics discussed and a critical comprehensive approach. This results in a product that is well-suited for both students and professionals, though the latter of which may prefer to use it as a source of references. Additionally, the fact that the editing was realized by UN representatives being a dean, a professor and a student (Elaine P. Congress, Fordham University Harold Takooshian, Fordham University and Abigail Asper, Psych Hub) from Fordham University serve to anchor the material in an academically minded fashion, furthering its accessibility.

As far as its validity is concerned, 13 out of 16 chapters are co-authored with leading experts in the particular field the chapters entail, teamed with a student intern working with the UN. Every chapter also is formatted to include a glossary of key terms and concepts, study questions and lists of references. The knowledge this book contains is truly on the cutting edge of applied behavioral science, extending beyond academics, into professional diplomatic consultation, the promotion of human rights and sustainable development as inextricable focuses.

The fact that this publication is the first to focus on behavioral science within the United Nations grants it authority, making it a most deserving material to enrich the realm of applied behavioral science in both, to the academic and diplomatic communities alike. “Behavioral science in the global arena” manages to tackle a broad aspect of applied behavioral science in diplomatic affairs and successfully presents it in a manner well-suited for the academic and diplomatic spheres.




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