Endometrial Cancer in the United States: A Review of the Current Literature

*Corresponding author: Oyinlola O. Fasehun*, Oluwatomi Owopetu and Luther-King O. Fasehun


Endometrial cancer is cancer of, or from, the endometrium of the uterus. According to the ACS, it is estimated that, in the United States, about 61,880 cases of cancers of the body of the uterus will be diagnosed in 2019 alone, while about 12,160 women will die from the disease. There are several types and classifications of endometrial cancer based on basic histological or clinical features, or a combination of both. Most of the current interventions have been focused on early detection especially in high-risk women. This is a review of the epidemiology and risk factors, public health actions, and latest interventions in the management of endometrial cancer in the United States.
Endometrial cancer; the United States; Review.