eLearning Education

Juan Carlos Fernández-Rodríguez*

eLearning Education.

The influence of globalization in teaching has been huge. On account of distance learning systems and the use of technology in education, in the present day, the modern education system has undergone a natural evolution with respect to teaching methods. Evolution in the field of distance education following the ability to overcome the concerns related to its effectiveness, and quality, we have been able to deal with important questions, such as personalised education, where the student can set and achieve individual learning goals and be
engaged in an open education system.

The advancement of new technologies have altered the reality. In the educational world, these changes have been important and significant. Perhaps one of the most relevant
changes has been the mode of delivering knowledge, and technology undoubtedly plays the
role of the most relevant catalyst.

Because of the changes in the teaching system, students have adapted as well, mainly in the context of use of new technologies. Now, the students are expected not only to study, but to collaborate, socialise, learn and communicate. The possibility to integrate the Technologies of Information and Communication into the education system, firmly implemented nowadays, not only offers a greater probability to facilitate access to knowledge to a large number of people and places, overcoming the
barriers due to large distance coverage.

Educational practices and education itself has undergone changes, mainly because the
use of TICs offers different possibilities that we did not really find in what we call the traditional education system.

Psychol Cogn Sci Open J. 2017; 3(4): e14-e15. doi: 10.17140/PCSOJ-3-e008