Effectiveness of Endoscopic Pitch Raising Surgery in Male to Female Transsexual Individuals

*Corresponding author: Ziya Saltürk*, Esin Avcı, Yavuz Atar, Belgin Tutar, Güler Berkiten, Tolgar L. Kumral and Sertaç Yetişer

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systematic review


This study was performed to investigate the effectiveness of two endoscopic techniques for transsexual females.
Web of Science, Google Scholar, and PubMed databases were searched for studies suitable for inclusion in this meta-analysis. Studies in which Wendler’s glottoplasty or laser-assisted voice adjustment were analysed for the data criteria. Studies which included
pre-operative and post-operative fundamentals frequency values were selected. Five articles were included in the present study (total of 94 cases). As dependent groups were used in these studies, standardized mean differences were obtained using a random effect model. Analyses were performed using the meta for package for the R-statistical program.
Standardized mean values before and after operations were very different and post-operative mean values were significantly higher than the pre-operative mean values.
Endolaryngeal surgical techniques are valuable for pitch elevation.
Transgender; Phonosurgery; Voice; Gender and the voice; Endoscopy US version.