Effect of Breed and Risk Factors Affecting Conception Rate to Artificial Insemination in Dairy Cows of Tullo District Western Haraghe, Ethiopia

*Corresponding author: Abas M. Abdula* and Ziyad M. Bilal

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retrospective study


This study was conducted using the questionnaire method to assess the effect of breed and factors affecting conception rate on artificial insemination in dairy cows in Tullo district, Western Haraghe, Ethiopia.
A follow-up study design was conducted from December 2018 to June 2019 to determine the effect of breed and factors affecting conception rate to artificial insemination in dairy cows, taking breed, age, parity, body condition and timing of insemination as risk factors. The demographic factors were recorded by interviewing the owners. Most of the cows were examined for pregnancy diagnosis by rectal palpation of the genital tract at 60-80-days post-artificial insemination.
Out of 114 artificially inseminated cows/heifers, 59 became pregnant, giving an overall first service conception rate of 51.8%. Although the breed, age, parity and body condition score did not affect the conception rate significantly, the pregnancy rate was better in the cross-breed (62.5%), in cows of 5-7-years of age (54.6%), in cows of parity 2-3 (59.2%) and in cows of good body condition score (57.7%). The conception rate in cows inseminated at 12-18-hours after the onset of estrus was significantly higher (62.3%) than those inseminated after 18-hours (31.2%) and before 12-hours (52.4%) after the onset of estrus. Therefore, cows with good body condition score (BCS) and artificial insemination (AI) service at 12-18-hours after the onset of estrus are the best choice of selection for obtaining the best result in the first service conception rate to AI in dairy cows/heifers.
This study reveals that the conception rate was influenced by the time of AI, so awareness should be given to cattle owners, as they should give AI for their cattle at optimum time within 12-18-hours after onset of heat sign.
Artificial insemination, breed, conception rate, Tullo district.