Distribution and Conduct of Clinical Trials Involving Music Therapy: Registered Clinical Trials in the Last 15 Years

Keiko Yukawa, Hitoshi Fuji and Hajime Sato*

Distribution and Conduct of Clinical Trials Involving Music Therapy Registered Clinical Trials in the Last 15 Years.
This study aimed to conduct an evaluation of music therapy clinical trials worldwide, to understand what trials have been conducted and to show the chronological changes.

Additionally, we sought to clarify issues related to providing clinical trial registration information. We searched the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform database for music therapy, and identified the disease target for each article found.

A total of 150 clinical trial studies were found in the ICTRP using the term music therapy. It is important to enlighten researchers and pharmaceutical companies on the proper management of the quality of such clinical trial information, as this is an important issue.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that music therapy cannot only provide minor benefits but also improve
medical outcomes and the quality of life in a variety of conditions Kamioka et al5 conducted a review on the efficacy of music therapy and evaluated the quality of systematic reviews in the current literature.

However, reporting of supportive evidence in the complementary and alternative medicine field compared to conventional medicine is often insufficient.

We recorded the number of registered clinical trials on all registers from 2001 to 2015. In addition, we performed
a detailed analysis of the content of the trials currently in the recruitment phase.

Clin Trial Pract Open J. 2017; 1(1): 1-9. doi: 10.17140/CTPOJ-1-101