Conception of a Fertile Mindset

Connie Stark*

Conception of a Fertile Mindset.

A single thought creates an emotion, just as a single egg and sperm create an embryo. When it comes to create a family through the fertility treatments, having a healthy and positive mindset make the difference in positive outcomes. When a feeling is experienced, it’s within the moment of a single thought that sends a signal to the brain to create a particular emotion.

This single word “fertility” or “fertile” will set your emotions and internal dialogue to a positive mindset. When you have a “Positive” mindset, it leads you to feel empowered through your fertility journey and to know that each lifestyle choice you make will enhance good decisions, healthy choices and positive emotional outcomes as you pursue the exciting path to parenthood.

On the other hand, when people say the word “Fertility”, it creates a positive thought of being in a fertile state and having the power to reproduce. Emotions of happiness exude from anyone who wants to be a parent.

If a single word creates a thought that equals an emotion, which triggers a ripple effect of emotion and the behaviors resulting from emotions, then “Why” do we or should we focus on the word “Infertility” when trying to get pregnant?

Dr. Domar established the first Mind/Body Center for Women’s Health, as well as the first Mind/Body Program for Fertility agrees and teaches taking back control of your life, cope with infertility in a much more positive way, and learn about lifestyle habits that can enhance your fertility and contribute to your happiness and good health for the rest of your life.

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