Combining Ability Analysis in Sweet Corn (Zea Mays Saccharrata L.) Using Line by Tester Design

*Corresponding author: Abdullah Khan, Hidayat Ur-Rahman*, Ashfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Iqbal, Sajid Kamal, Sohail Khan and Junyao Bu

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original research



The purpose of this study was to investigate the different combination of testcrosses for morphological and yield relating traits and to investigate general combining ability of the inbred lines.

Materials and Methods

This research was conducted at The University of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan during 2016. Line x-tester analysis was used to test general combining ability (GCA) effects of 24 S4 lines of sweet corn. Alpha lattice design with two replications and two checks was used during the experiment. Research data were recorded on various flowering, morphological and yield parameters.


Highly significant variations were recorded among the testcrosses for the studied traits except anthesis silking interval (ASI), 100-kernel weight. Minimum days to tasseling (48-days) and silking (53.5-days) was exhibited by pop-syn-swt (9-4)×synthetic sweet. GCA effect was -2.14 for tasseling and -2.00 for silking. Maximum value (3.5-days) for ASI was recorded for Pop-synswt 1(8-3)×synthetic sweet, while GCA effect for ASI was -0.71. Lowest plant height (129.8 cm) was recorded for pop-syn-swt 1(3-3)×synthetic sweet, while GCA effect for plant height was observed to be -14.79. Maximum cob length (16.6 cm) was revealed by pop-syn-swt 1(12-2)×synthetic sweet. For cob length GCA effect of 1.01 was recorded. Maximum 100 kernel weight (31.3 g) was estimated for pop-syn-swt 1(2-1)×synthetic sweet. GCA effect of 1.85 was recorded for 100-kernel weight. Highest mean (7143.9 kg ha-1) for grain yield was recorded for pop-syn-swt 1(9-4)×synthetic sweet. GCA effect for grain yield was found to be 1370.93.


Generally a low GCA value, either positive or negative indicates that the mean of a parent does not largely vary from its offsprings. In contrast, high GCA value suggests that parent is either superior or inferior to the general mean and it has high heritability and less environmental effects. Based on the findings in this research, the above mentioned testcrosses can be included in future sweet corn breeding programs where early flowering and yield attributes is desired.


Sweet corn; General combining ability; Inbred lines; Line by tester; Yield; Flowering.