Combat Pandemic: Coronavirus Disease-2019 Vaccines Production, Clinical Trials and Global Partnerships

*Corresponding author: Pratima Malekar*


The advent of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19), in March 2020, has forced the entire world into continuously changing dimensions, the emergence of variants has put forward a challenge to scientists and doctors, indeed the entire world to cope with it. A lot of clinical research was done, starting with the use of Chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug to treat COVID-19, antivirals and indeed entire world experienced havoc and a death toll due to the coronavirus which led to the emergence of various vaccine platforms developed against changing variants of coronavirus and in this pandemic messenger Ribonucleic acid (mRNA) and nanotechnology added new dimensions to vaccine development. Vaccines may induce additional cellular or humoral immune regulations, including The cell (helper T-cell) responses and germinal center responses, and form relevant memory cells, which in turn enhance their efficiency. As the benefit outweighs the safety issues with vaccination so far, the World Health Organization (WHO), has approved a total of ten vaccines, to use in emergencies, including 3 Indian vaccines (Covovaxℱ, Covaxin¼ and Sputnik V). The first part, of this mini-review highlights vaccine production, and the clinical trials landscape, and the second part discusses the emergence of global partnerships, and the equity of vaccines to all, taken together, combating pandemics.
Pandemic; Immunogen; Adenovirus; Vaccines; Clinical trials; Global partnerships.