Collecting (Bellini) Duct Carcinoma: A Case Report of a Rare Tumor and Review of the Literature

*Corresponding author: Luis Rico*, Hernando R. Pita, Gonzalo Vitagliano, Leandro Blas and Carlos Ameri


Renal cell carcinoma of the collecting ducts is one of the least frequent variants of renal carcinomas, with highly aggressive behavior, having the worst prognosis and the lowest specific cancer survival rate of all renal carcinomas, as 70% of patient deaths are secondary to the disease. We present a clinical case of a male patient with a diagnosis of paraneoplastic syndrome secondary to renal neoplasia. After a renal biopsy returned a diagnosis of sarcomatoid carcinoma, the patient elected surgical excision, and final pathology was consistent with renal carcinoma of the collecting ducts. As was common in the largest published series, this patient developed local and distant relapse in the early post-operative period, despite adjuvant systemic treatment. This variant of renal carcinoma has an ominous short-term prognosis, with high rates of distant disease present at the time of diagnosis. The unfavorable biological behavior manifests despite the use of multi-modality, adjuvant treatment.


Bellini disease; Collecting ducts carcinoma; Renal carcinoma.