Clinical Cases of Anterior Cervical Hypertrichosis

*Corresponding author: Mario Cutrone, Enrico Valerio and Ramon Grimalt*


Anterior cervical hypertrichosis (ACH) may be only an isolated aesthetic finding, but it may also be associated with other underlying conditions, including neurological and ocular disorders. In order to recognize this uncommon entity, it is imperative to provide detailed physical examination and clinical history to exclude the possible associated abnormalities in patients with ACH. In those cases that ACH represents only a cosmetic problem for the patient, laser hair removal is recommended. We hereby presented 2 cases of ACH in two young girls and discussed about all the differential diagnoses and how to rule out associated anomalies. The
most useful workout to rule out associated underlying conditions are described, and cosmetic treatment with laser hair removal devices is also commented.
Hairy throat syndrome; Nevoid hypertrichosis; Dysraphism; Anterior cervical hypertrichosis; Congenital hypertrichosis.