Calculation of Photons Reaction Rate Resulting at 120 kVp X-ray Tube Voltage and 1 mAs as Function to Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Pixel Numbers Using Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport and a Voxel Model of a 29-Year-Old Patient

*Corresponding author: Tawfik A. Shdeed*

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original research


To read the digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) images of brain and extract intensity values and build a three dimensional model for Monte Carlo n-particle transport (MCNP) code input file in purpose to study the average particle flux and deposited energy of X-Ray photons resulting at 120 kVp and 1 mAs (form point source) as function to DICOM pixel numbers in the brain tissues for a 29-year-old female patient using MCNP code and Matlab program to read the DICOM images.
The matrix laboratory (MATLAB) program was used to read the DICOM images and extract the intensity values in each pixel of the DICOM image corresponding to certain slice of the brain. These color levels are characteristic of different tissue, and have been relied upon to create the specific material in each volume element in MCNP input file.

Values of the deposited energy at surface of skin are high, so it is always necessary to be cautious when performing the examination to obtain acceptable images from the first time and without having to repeat the imaging again for the same case unless there are necessities for it.

Computed tomography (CT); X-ray; Voxel phantom; MCNP Code; Average particle flux; Matlab.