Caesarean Operation in Cow due to Prolonged Pregnancy

*Corresponding author: Haben Fesseha*, Guesh Negash and Berihu Gebrekidan


Prolonged pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy that lasts for more than 294-days compared with term gestation which is between 260 and 293-days. This case report was prepared with the aim of describing and documenting the surgical procedures, techniques of cesarean section and its outcome on eight-years-old crossbred cow that was referred to the veterinary hospital, Mekelle University from a field; Edaga Hamus Veterinary Clinic. According to the owner’s history, the cow was presented to the clinic with an extended gestational period over 345-days than anticipated according to their own record. Thus, based on the history and clinical findings, the case was diagnosed as prolonged pregnancy. After aseptic preparation of the surgical site, stabilizing the animal and locally desensitizing the incision area; a vertical skin incision with a distance of approximately (~40 cm wide) on the left flank region approximately (~10 cm) below the lumbar transverse process. After the incision of the abdominal muscles and uterus, the non-viable and abnormally oversized calf was taken out with the help of an assistant. Moreover, the uterus was filled with excess and abnormal dark brown colored blood and was properly drained, washed with sterile isotonic saline solution. The uterus was closed using a double layer of Utrecht suturing pattern whereas the peritoneum and abdominal muscles were separately closed with a continuous lockstitch pattern and simple interrupted pattern using 2-0 size sterile absorbable polyglycolic acid, respectively. After that, the skin was closed using silk 2-0 size in a horizontal interrupted mattress. Lastly, with proper antibiotic follow-up, dressing and cleaning of the surgical site, the cow was successfully recovered after two months.


Dairy cow; Caesarean section; Prolonged pregnancy.