Awareness of Ototoxicity among Medical Doctors in Assam

*Corresponding author: Writisha Bora, Himanshu K. Sanju*, Vijay Kumar, Prasanta Borah and Tushar Jain

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brief research report


Previous literature has reported ill-effect of ototoxic drug on hearing and balance. Present study investigated awareness among medical doctors for the same.
A total of 55-medical doctors of multiple specialties from Assam, India participated in the present study. A total of 14 questions with Likert Scale based scoring pattern were framed and validated for the present study.
Outcome of the present study showed high awareness percentage about side effect ototoxic drugs was obtained, which was a satisfying outcome.
While low audiological referral and consultation awareness was identified as an area of concern.

Ototoxicity; Doctors; Assam; Awareness.