Assessment of Level of Awareness Towards Radiation Protection Among the Staff Working at Angiography Suite at Public Hospitals

*Corresponding author: Ruby Niaz, Syed N. Hyder*, Usaid Ahmed and Munawer Ghous

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original research


Several challenges with radiation protection and safety culture in radiology departments needs to be addressed as few studies done in this aspect in our country. Especially with regard to the awareness about radiation protection, hazards, dosimetry usage and measurement.
The objective of this study is to find knowledge about radiation exposure hazard and practices among various auxiliary staff working in radiation units.
Material and Methods
Cross-sectional study done by using stratified random sampling method. A questionnaire made to check the awareness level of the radiological staff regarding radiation protection working in angiography suite. The questionnaire had two parts with various questions about radiation protection measures and safety related knowledge for staff and patient. Data collected from angiography suite of three public sector hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan. All the data entered in statistical package for the social science (SSPS) version 16 and analyzed for statistically significant outcomes.
Total of 67 staff members were included in this study from three different public sector hospitals, 55.2% were males 44.77% were females. Twenty-nine (29) persons belonged to the age group of 20-30-years. Twenty (20) doctors, 21 nurses, 12 radiographers and 14 paramedical staff were included. 89.55% staff members were aware of radiation hazard. 55.22% had training on radiation protection and 44.77%. 56.71% were aware of dosimeter. Only 16% were aware of as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).
The radiological staff members were partially aware about radiation hazards and radiation safety. They were lacking from training and workshops. Essential steps required to develop nationwide strategies for improving the situation and maintaining a safe working environment.
Angiography; Radiation hazards; Radiation protection; X-ray; Radiation protection devices.