Anticancer Natural Products: A Review

*Corresponding author: Ranwa A. Elrayess and Heba N. Gad El-Hak*


Historically, natural products played a forceful role in human treatment ailments. Nowadays, natural products include a large part of current pharmaceutical agents, mostly in the field of cancer therapy. The main aim of this review is to provide a comprehensive summary of the most known natural product used as anticancer globally, including various other natural products. Many of these natural product appears to act through an anticancer mechanism. Overall, natural product research is a vigorous tool to discover novel biologically active components with unique mechanisms of action. Given the diversity of nature, it is sensible to indicate that chemical leads can be produced that are able to interact with most therapeutic targets. This review creates a solid foundation for further study these natural products with additional research and study.


Anticancer; Natural product; Plant compounds; Marine flora; Microorganisms; Venom.