A Pilot Study on the Effect of Massage on Stress among Female Japanese University Students

Emiko Katsurada*

A Pilot Study on the Effect of Massage on Stress among Female Japanese University Students.

The majority of previous studies with medical and clinical samples shows an immediate effect of massage on reducing stress. However, there are a few such studies with non-medical and non-clinical samples. The present study examined the stress reduction effect of massage given by same sex peers among university Japanese women.

The words “healing” and “soothing” are prevalent in our stressful society. In fact, infant massage, adult foot massage and body massage are very popular on a commercial basis. The reason why massages are so popular is that people feel good or get benefits from massage. The beneficial effects of massage have been shown in research as well.
Tiffany Field, a leading researcher of massage therapy and her colleagues in the Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL, USA, have conducted many studies on massage or touch and have revealed its beneficial effects in many areas.  According to the review of the massage therapy  research, the effect of massage therapy is promoting growth, decreasing depression and aggression, enhancing attentiveness, reducing pain, and improving immune function.

There are many medical and clinical studies on the effect of massage. For example, Stringer et al5
examined the safety and effect of massage among patients undertaking intensive chemotherapy.
They strictly screened the patients, which led to 39 participants, then, randomly assigned them in three groups: those who received aromatherapy massage, those who received massage with basic oil, and the rest group.

Women Health Open J. 2019; 5(1): 1-5. doi: 10.17140/WHOJ-5-129