A Case Report on Surgical Management of Dystocia in Heifers Due to Narrow Pelvis and Immaturity

*Corresponding author: Endale Mekoria*, Jabessa Dhaba and Mohammedkemal M. Ame


Narrow pelvis is characterized as an insufficient maternal bony pelvis that does not allow for fetal transit due to a variety of factors. Animal immaturity is one of these reasons. This communication was written with the goal of documenting surgical management of dystocia and its impact on a two-year-old heifer who was with a full-term pregnancy. A vaginal delivery was tried but failed due to the narrow maternal pelvis. To avoid any post-operative problems, the surgical management was carried out under strict aseptically. A volume of 30 ml 2% Lidocaine Hydrochloride was infiltrated on left flank with inverted L-block techniques. While the cow was on her right lateral recumbency. The uterus was emptied of a deceased fetus but fetal membrane with the intact umbilical cord was returned back to the womb. Suturing was done using standard surgical procedures, and post-surgical care was followed-up for ten-days. The heifer was successfully rehabilitated.
Dystocia; Heifer; Immaturity; Narrow pelvis; Surgical management.