A Bilateral Incomplete Duplex System in the Upper Urinary Tract: A Case Report

*Corresponding author: Soufiane Ennaciri*, Mustapha Ahsaini, Soufiane Mellas, JE. El Ammari, M. Fadl Tazi, MJ. El Fassi and M. Hassan Farih


Incomplete duplex system is a congenital abnormality, which is often found in children. It corresponds to a doubling of the upper urinary tract with two ureters which join into a common distal portion with a single ureteral orifice. In adults, this infection is fortuitous and often asymptomatic. Therefore, it does not require surgery in the absence of complications. Therefore, we would like to present this new case.
Upper urinary tract; Duplex system; Bifid ureter; Incomplete duplication.