Takeshi Saraya, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Respiratory Medicine
Kyorin University School of Medicine
Mitaka City, Tokyo, Japan

E-mail: sara@yd5.so-net.ne.jp



• (March, 1998), Graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine Awarded with MD
• (March, 1998), Awarded with Medical License
• (Sep, 2003), Board-certified member of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
• (Sep, 2006), Japanese boards in Infectious Diseases
• (Sep, 2006), Japanese boards in Respiratory Medicine
• (Sep, 2007), Japanese boards in a specialist of General Medicine
• (Sep, 2012), Awarded with PhD


• (May, 1998-Apr, 2000), Resident, Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital
• (May, 2000-Apr, 2003), Resident, Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital
• (May, 2003-2013), Clinical Fellow, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Kyorin University School of Medicine
• (May, 2009-Present), Assistant Professor, Department of Respiratory Medicine

Research Interest

His clinical research is focused on Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia, Tuberculous pleuritis virus infection and Respiratory diseases, Collagen vascular disease related interstitial pneumonia, and All the issues for educational value in General Medicine

Scientific Activities


• (1998-Present): Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
• (2003-Present): Japanese Respiratory Society
• (2003-Present): Japanese Association for Infectious Disease
• (2010-Present): Japanese Society for Oriental Medicine
• (2010-Present): Japan Primary Care Association
• (2006-Present): The Japanese Society of Mycoplasmology
• (2013-Present): American Thoracic Society
• (2012-Present): American College of Chest Physicians
• (2016-Present): Member of Common Achievement Tests Organization for OSCE(Objective Structured Clinical Examination)
• (2016-Present): The International Organization for Mycoplasmology


• (2016) Japan Chapter Award of American College of Chest Physician


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