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About the Journal

Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences – Open Journal (AFTNSOJ) strives to publish science-based information from the fields of nutrition and dietetics, in order to assist professionals in related fields to stay up-to-date on current advancements and relevant issues.

“Food Technology” is a term describing food manufacturing and preservation processes; including physical, chemical, and microbiological operations in the handling, packaging, and distribution of food. Research and development in food technology essential to increase the rates of production and lengthen the shelf-life, without compromising the quality of the food or nutritional content.

Due to the world’s growing population, the demand for food has been steadily increasing. Food technology will continue to play a major role in the future, to help production keep up with the demand for quality food. Large-scale production of safe and nutritious food is possible with research and development in food and nutrition.

Aims and Scope

Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences – Open Journal (AFTNSOJ) is dedicated to the open dissemination of scientific information and robust discussion in all areas related to nutrition and food technology AFTNSOJ is openly available to a broad audience including physicians, nurses, engineers, microbiologists, dieticians, nutritionists, public health professionals, researchers, educators, and students.

AFTNSOJ covers a wide array of subjects as given below

  • Food allergy
  • Biosensors in food industry
  • Food quality and safety
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)
  • Enzyme technology in food industry
  • Probiotics
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Advances in meat industries
  • Dairy engineering and technology
  • Advanced research in beekeeping
  • Natural and artificial sweeteners
  • Food security
  • polyphenols for improving food quality and
    nutraceuticals (Special Edition)
  • Diet and disease
  • Artificial sweeteners and diabetes
  • Cured meats and cancer
  • Good food as medicine
  • Food toxicology and longevity

In addition to the science-based information on biotechnology in food science, AFTNSOJ also acknowledges the importance of political, social, and economic issues, quality control standards, social use of food as medicine in the form of neutraceuticals as well as the treatment of nutritional deficiencies.

AFTNSOJ accepts a variety of submissions and welcomes all types of articles such as original clinical research and case-reports; literature reviews and mini-reviews; opinion pieces such as editorials, commentary, and book reviews, technical reports, conference materials, illustrations, etc.

As we strive to improve the quality of our journal, any comments or suggested corrections from readers are welcomed. Please send us your thoughts using the “Contact Us” link.