Yvonne V. Jones, PhD

Associate Professor
Departments of Anthropology
University of Louisville
Louisville Kentucky
2301 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40292, USA



• (1964-1967) Howard University, Washington DC
• (1969-1971) BA Anthropology American University, Washington, DC
• (1971-1975) PhD Anthropology American University, Washington, DC


• (1981- 1983) Chair, Department of Anthropology
• (1981- 1983) Chair, Department of Pan African Studies
• (1985- 1989) Chair, Department of Pan African Studies
• (1997- 2000) Chair, Department of Pan African Studies
• (2012-Present) Director, Graduate Program, Department of Pan African Studies and Associate Professor of Anthropology, Departments of Anthropology and Pan African Studies

Research Interest

Her research interest includes: Cultures of the South (USA), History of Anthropological Theory, Race in the Americas, US Ethnic Groups, Urban Anthropology, Political Economy of Race and Entrepreneurship, Race and Public Culture.

Scientific Activities


• (2010) Distinguished Lecture Award. African American Studies and Research Program, Presented at the 16th Annual Black Women’s Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
• (2001) Unsung Hero Award, University of Louisville (developing joint program curriculum With the Department of Theatre Arts Program in African American Theatre, 1995)
• (1999) Richard Brown Award, Office of Public Education and Interpretation, African Burial Ground Project, New York, New York
• (1975) Research Contributing to the Study of Race Relations, American University, Washington, DC (Dissertation)


• (1976-1983) President, Board of Directors, Planned Parenthood of Louisville, Louisville Ky
• (1976-2000) Member, Various committees, Metro United Way


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