Yusuf Emrah Eyi, MD

Emergency Physician
Department of Emergency Medicine
Gulhane Military Medical Academy
General Dr. Tevfik Sağlam Cad., Keçiören/Ankara, Turkey



• (1998-2004) Gulhane Military Medical Academy, School of Medicine, Ankara/Turkey
• (2004-2005) Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Haydarpaşa Training Hospital, Istanbul/Turkey
• (2005-2007) Worked as a family physician in Tekirdağ/Turkey
• (2007-2011) Residency training in Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Department of Emergency Medicine, Ankara/Turkey
• (2011-2013) Hakkari Military Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, Hakkari, Turkey [as emergency medicine specialist]
• (2013-2014) Department of Emergency Medicine Gulhane MilitaryMedical Academy, Ankara /Turkey [as emergency medicine specialist]
• (2014-Present) Department of Emergency Medicine, President Guard Regimen, Ankara, Turkey

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Osteology and Rheumatology.

Scientific Activities


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