Yunusemre Ozkanlar, DVM, PhD

Department of Internal Medicine
Ondokuz Mayis University
Samsun, Turkey


Dr. Ozkanlar is currently a Professor of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Ondokuz Mayis University. Dr. Ozkanlar obtained his DVM and PhD degree from Ankara University, Turkey. He has studied for his post-doctoral researches at the Ohio State University USA. He has attended a training program for tissue Doppler and Strain analysis at the Emory Hospital in Atlanta, USA. He has conducted experimental researches at the Cardiology Lab with the cardiology researchers in College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy and Veterinary Cardiology in the Ohio State University USA.

Research Interest

His research interests include: Experimental researches for cardiotoxicity and heart failure, Clinical practice about cardiology and veterinary medicine.

Scientific Activities

• Research Scholarship at the Ohio State University, USA
• Coordinator of the Scientific Research Project Found in Ataturk University, Turkey
• Director of the Veterinary Hospital
• Head of the Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine
• Echocardiography and Digital Electrocardiography Practitioner


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