Yali Cong, PhD

Medical Ethics Program
Peking University Health Science Center
38 Xueyuan Road, Beijing, 100191, P.R. China


Education Background

• 2015: Visiting Scholar of Utrecht University, Holland
• 2009: Visiting Scholar of Duke University, U.S.A
• 2001: From March to July, beg visiting scholar Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, the University of Chicago, U.S.A
• 1995-present: Peking University Health Science Center
• 1992-1995: Department of Philosophy of Peoples University, Ph.D
• 1989-1992: Department of Philosophy of Beijing Normal University, Master
• 1985-1989: Department of Biology of Beijing Normal University, BS

Professional Experience

• Present: Professor, Medical Ethics Program, Peking University Health Science Center, China

Research Interest

Her research interests include: Public health ethics, Medical professionalism, Medical ethics.

Scientific Activities

Positions and Honors

• 2011-present: Vice President, China Medical Ethics Association
• 2011-present: President, Institutional Review Board of Peking University


Selected Publications

In English:

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In Chinese:

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